About Gift of Hope

Hope is the sparkle in a child’s eyes as she cups her hands around a bowl of warm rice and beans.

Hope is a fresh drop of clean well water that quenches the thirst of a woman who learned an economic trade instead of spending her entire day walking to fetch water.

Hope is an indigenous leader’s confident stance as he walks over the dirt threshold of his local church. He’s just completed theological training and he feels better equipped to lead his faith community.

Gift of Hope is a tangible way to provide basic needs, education, and more to people around the world who need it most.

Your gift empowers individuals and families to be self-sufficient. That means your gift has long-term impact.

Give the Gift of Hope with your church.

Gift of Hope is a project of RCA Global Mission.


For over 370 years, the Reformed Church in America has impacted millions of people around the world with the love of God through Global Mission. Today, around 100 RCA missionaries and partners are bringing hope through the light of Christ. Your gifts support their work and enable the hope of Christ to reach even more people.

To learn more about RCA Global Mission, visit www.rca.org/mission.