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Three Steps for Your Church to Give Hope

Get tools.

Use these free tools to invite people in your church to give a gift and get excited about being the hands and feet of Jesus around the world.

Pick a gift.

Challenge every member of your church to give a gift of hope this Advent or another time that works best for your church calendar.

Give hope.

Gifts will be delivered directly to the people who need them most by RCA missionaries and partners.

For questions, please contact Kelli at or (616) 541-0838.

Sunday School, Small Group, and Bible Study Ideas

Provide opportunities for everyone in your congregation to give hope!

Sunday School or VBS

  • Choose one gift as a class or group you would like to purchase. Maybe it’s a flock of chickens, a sewing machine for women on the margins, or a meal for kids just like them. Over the course of Advent or another designated time, ask the children to bring an offering each week to contribute toward the gift. Encourage them to pick up chores around home to earn extra money or ask family members for money toward Gift of Hope in lieu of birthday gifts. If you’re meeting virtually as a church, encourage kids to mail in their contributions to the church along with one reason they want to give hope this year.
  • Have Sunday School classes or your VBS compete in a penny challenge. Set up jars for each class or age group. Children and people in the congregation can fill the jars with change each week. The jar with the most change in it at the end of the challenge wins a fun treat or activity and chooses which gift(s) they’d like to purchase with the donations.

Small Group and Bible Study Ideas

  • Organize a car wash, bake sale, rummage sale, or a walk-a-thon to fundraise for Gift of Hope.
  • Choose a book study that focuses on an area of compassion correlating to a Gift of Hope category (e.g., the importance of education for girls, the importance of sustainable community development, etc.). When you finish the study, take an offering to provide hope in that ministry area.
  • Invite an RCA missionary or partner to visit or video chat with your group to learn more about the impact of your gifts. For a list of names and contact information regarding each gift category, please email

Reproducible Gift Icons

Download, print, and hang these icons in a designated place in your church to watch your gift of hope grow!

Order a Catalog

Gift of Hope slide

Download a slide to use during your worship service.

Gift of Hope poster

Download a poster to hang in your church.